e-station - Requirements for charging stations of electric vehicles

Although electricity is available everywhere, owners of an electric vehicle or a PHEV (Plug-In-Hybrid vehicle) must use in urban areas an extension cables from their apartment, in order to charge their electric vehicle.

Every form of mobility requires a concurrent infrastructure in order to succeed. Regarding e-mobility this can be achieved comparatively easy and cheap. Electric vehicles are charged optimal in areas where those naturally park for a longer period of time (e.g. at home, at work, at the supermarket and in public areas), or in case of long distance drive, fast charging stations along the way (highways).

  • "Lighthouse of electromobility", visible from afar in public spaces
  • A freely accessible, easy-to-use and intelligent system
  • Energy must be provided from renewable sources
  • Availability of all standard connectors
  • Smart integration of charging into the grid (v2g)
  • Attractive Business Model