The breakthrough of electric mobility mainly depends on two parameters:

  • effective energy-source (battery)
  • effective and visible infrastructure (lighthouses) using energy from renewable sources

e-moove concentrates exactly on these two core areas:

  • e-station - lighthouse of e-mobility
  • The multi-functional charging station "e-station", developed by e-moove, shows the technically most comprehensive solution on the market and will be available in combination with a unique business model. It provides regarding accessibility, usability, safety and renewable sources, as well as fast charging, intelligence and communication the highest state of the art requirements.
  • ebc - effective battery control
  • ebc, In contrast to a costly and ineffective balancing system, effective-battery-control (ebc) “manages” the battery by the “State-of-Health Parameters” (SoH) of each individual cell, thus controlling the in-homogeneity in aging. As a result, it is not only maximizing the lifetime and performance of the battery pack but also continuously monitoring all safety parameters. The disruptive Hardware-Design provides an overall efficiency of the system of 99% at lowest cost.