ebc - a disruptive new technology

ebc knows each cell by heart

Right after assembling the battery pack the system is started with an identification cycle to determine the health and aging parameters of each individual cell and to control the whole battery pack according to these parameters during operation. If thought to be necessary, this can be repeated in a validation cycle.

ebc Sophisticated control algorithm for battery operation

Giving less stress to weaker, degrading, or damaged cells can stop the exponential reduction of lifetime. Especially the parameters for electric-chemical stress can be influenced by adequate management and consequently leads to a homogeneous aging and maximum lifetime.

ebc New Hardware-Design – effective energy transfer

The disruptive new hardware design is by far the most effective system for energy transfer within a high-voltage system. For a vehicle battery the effectiveness is 99%. The cost is far below of active balancing systems and within the range of passive balancing.

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