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e-station - The Solution: The multifunctional energy tower

To be able to describe the requirements mentioned above, e- moove decided to conceptually venture forth the standard specifications of a charging station and to develop the concept of a multifunctional energy tower.


It is important for the exterior form of the station, to be widely viewable and be recognizable as such. Besides the total number of available charging stations, the breakthrough of e-mobility also depends on the subjective awareness of the charging stations. The operator always has to have the sense to be provided with an available charging station ("Lighhouse of e-mobility"). Furthermore should the station still be shaped acquainted and the dimensions should be appropriate. In the objective case the form and dimension of an advertising pillar have been chosen. This brings along the advantage of the station, having plenty of room for various functions and that a extension is always possible.


In order to overcome the chicken-egg problem, the charging station must provide more than just a charging station - multifunctional in its appearance. Because the team possessed a broad knowledge in the area of renewable energies, and is in cooperation with AIT (Austrian Institute of Technology - energy department), the integration of a wind turbine to generate energy was obvious. The result is a multifunctional energy pillar.


  1. Wind turbine
  2. Communication interface
  3. Charging station (connectors)
  4. Safety
  5. surveillance / emergency call
  6. energy storage