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e-station - Benefits

In comparison to other charging stations, e-station brings along various advantages. Like mentioned above, the goal of the development was to make a concept for the ultimate charging station:

  • Availability of all common charging systems:
    There is a bride variety of an available charging system from Schuko connector to three-phase connector to fast-loading connector. From Mennekes connectors we will also provide a charging cable instead of an outlet.
  • Highest charging-capacity (AC 400V, 63A):
    With this, the e-station exceeds every system existing on the market. Mennekes provides this connector just since the middle of January in a row.
  • Most comprehensive communication interface:
    Card reader, touch screen / video screen, UMTS- or GSM- module, internet connection, Bluetooth.
  • High-class charging-regulation:
    Optimized technical solutions concerning the hardware and the software and especially concerning the charging-regulation:
  • Secured charging hatches:
    Electrical controlled and stirred, as well as electrical closable and lockable charging hatches with safety devices
  • Easy, software-guided handling:
    Easy handling of the pole, using a specially programmed software for the smoothest procedure.
  • Surveillance-function:
    Video cameras, which observe the whole pole - from the communication devices to the actually charging devices.
  • Dimensions of an advertising pillar, which leave a familiar and trusted feeling to most of the people
  • Buffer-storage:
    A battery can be integrated in the pole as a buffer-storage in the middle of 2011; a unique BMS enables a "second life" for old car batteries.
  • High flexibility:
    Based on the available space it provides the biggest flexibility for new systems and upgrades (dimension).
  • Expendabilities:
    Expendable with satellites (smaller downgraded charging stations, which can be operated from the pole and therefore provide the same features).
  • Decentralized energy production (from renewable sources) through integrated wind turbines with a vertical pivot.
  • High efficiency:
    Customized generator - extreme slow turning generator, optimal adapted for the overall system
  • Extraordinary and very favourable design:
    which will, further on, be thought through again by art schools (industrial design)
  • Unique and founding-independent business model, which is at the basis of a concept.