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e-station - Background

The multifunctional charging station "e- station", developed by e-moove, shows the technically most comprehensive solution on the market and will be available in combination with an unique business model.

The main problem regarding new power train concepts is the necessary adjustment, or reorganization of the infrastructure. Non existing infrastructure represents an insuperable barrier for new types of propulsion on a broad level. In order for a successful approach, every form of mobility requires a concurrent infrastructure.

e-station is a concept for an extensive installation of charging stations for electric vehicles, which are going to be accessible for all and provide electricity from renewable sources.

The concept for this has already been discussed with various stakeholders. As a result, many of them have shown and still show a clearly support for a implementation of such a system.

At this point, only relatively simple systems are used. Studies show that reqirements of charging stations will increase and the nowadays legal regulations and standardization will soon adapt to the new requirements. Especially safety related considerations as well as long term considerations in the integration of charging staions into the power grid (smart grid, vehicle to grid v2g) has lead that experts are preparing a new requirements catalog.