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e-manager - Paradigm shift

e-manager accepts, and can use the difference of the individual cells and operates every cell in its individual optimum. This represents a paradigm shift to all former systems.

As a result, when assembling a battery-pack, a time-consuming selection of each individual cell, can be avoided. This leads to a significant cost reduction (10%-20%). Actual assembling of battery-packs needs cells of highest similarity. Every cell is being "measured" extensively by charging and discharging them various times (this is not necessary with the e-manager). The performance of the battery is being improved dramatically and the durability is widely extended. Furthermore the usage of different energy-storages in one system is enabled. Especially, regarding the development of battery-packages for mass-storage-facilities, the combination of different sources of energy (from High Energy- or High Power-batteries to Super Caps up to the fuel cell) is becoming more and more important. This fact allows a high degree of flexibility in building battery systems. The basic operation, the procedure and the usage, submitted to be patented at the end of 2008, a "proof of concept", could already be presented.