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e-manager - Advantages and benefits

Cost savings in the cell production: e-manager saves a time-consuming selection of the cells. Despite the possibility of having higher costs on the battery-management-system, this leads to a cost-reduction for the assembling of complete energy-storage systems.

Improvement of performance and duration of the battery-package: e-manager operates each cell individually in its optimum range. Basically, this is important for the lifetime of cells (ageing, altering parameters). Even over a longer period the performance stays nearly the same performance and the lifecycle duration is being extended.

Increase the efficiency of using energy: e-manager takes the charging-energy from already loaded cells, and returns it into the charge-circuit (no conversion to heat of this energy). As a result the charging duration is being reduced or decreased electricity from a controlled charger is necessary, which means: an obvious higher energy efficiency.

Replacement of defect cells: e-manager makes a smooth replacement of defect (underperforming) cells at every time (replacement through connection-system). New cells can automatically and easily be integrated in an old battery-package (extended durability, extended warranty)

Intelligent communication: e-manager communicates via interface CAN-BUS (or LIN-BUS) and communicates all relevant data to other control/display units (for example the remaining capacity of the battery).

High flexibility: e-manager enables the usage of different energy-storages in one system. At the development of bigger energy-storages the combination of different energy resources, from High Energy- and High Power-batteries to Super Caps to fuel cells becomes more and more important, because it provides the whole system with more flexibility.

Documentation of the most important parameters: e-manager records and saves the most important parameters (cell-specific parameters and handling). This is essential from the beginning of the lifecycle of the cells (optimization).

High security: e-manager provides an easy and direct control of safety functions (balancing defect cells). By having the diagnosed status of each cell in short periods (20sec), the safety of the lithium-ions batteries can be clearly increased. The danger of a feared "thermal runaway" (fire) can be diagnosed weeks ahead. The operator can be warned, or in the case of an emergency, it can be prevented by switching off.

Exact remaining-kilometer-gauge: by using various raised parameters, e-manager provides exact information about the energy-status and enables for example an exact calculation of the remaining range of the vehicle.

Emergency-functioning: By controlling and focusing the remaining energy, e-manager offers an "emergency-function". In the case of a cell-failure the so called "Limp home mode" allows a limited energy flow via a bypass.

"Second-Life-Concepts" for batteries already used in cars: e-manager enables the further usage of old battery-packages, for stationary uses of the system (potential) for many years (simply the replacement of single defect cells).