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e-manager - Background

The e-manager is a battery management system (BMS). The e-manager follows a unique technological approach. It reduces dramatically cost of production and assembly of battery packs and simultaneously increase the efficiency, the durability and the security crucially. Moreover, in early 2010 e-moove has launched a research project together with Flextronics and AIT. This research project is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund under the research program "Energies 2020".

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The crucial limitation of electric mobility results from the limited energy storage. Thereby two approaches for the development clearly emerged: (1) improvement based on cells (for example: lead to NiMH to Li-Ions to LiFePO4 to Li-Titanat or in the far future Li-Air) and (2) improvement through energy management of the complete system (for example: from passive balancing to active balancing, to real battery-cell-regulation). Beside the features, regarding the broad introduction of e-mobility, the high costs of Li-ion-cells form a main obstacle.

The required high voltage of current used energy-storages can be achieved by using an expedient connection in series of various singular, absolutely identical cells. However, due to manufacturing and economic reasons, this will not be achievable. Also the capacity of the singular cells changes over lifecycle ("capacity-drift"), in dependency of inner and exterior influences (for example: charging/discharging cycles and temperature). The today's state of technique is, to achieve the intended similarity with battery-cell-regulation following the balance- principle with the orientation (limitation) of the weakest cell. So, the useable energy out of a complete battery pack is limited by the weakest cell.