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e-mobility - Background

The technical implementation of an electric vehicle is older than the history of the combution engine which started already in the 19th century. At this time the 100km/h (62 mi/h) Limit was exceeded for the first time, by an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles in 1900

Even the first Porsche was an electric vehicle: it looked indeed like a carriage, but was already equipped with hub motors. The Porsche electric vehicle can be seen in the exhibition of the technical museum in Vienna, Austria.

The limitations of the energystorage leaded finally to a triumphal procession of the combustion engine. Due to the higher efficiency of the electric vehicle in comparison to the combustion engine as well as the benefit of an emission free vehicle the electric car had several tries of a relauch, which unfortunatelly failed.

e-moove has developed complete solutions on system level exactly for these deficienties and patented them worldwide.