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The breakthrough of electric mobility mainly depends on two parameters:

  • efficient energysource (battery)
  • visible infrastructure (lighthouses) using energy from renewable sources

e-moove concentrates exactly on these two core areas:

  • e-station - lighthouse of e-mobility
  • The multifunctional charging station "e- station", developed by e-moove, shows the technically most comprehensive solution on the market and will be available in combination with an unique business model. It provides regarding accessibility, useability, safety and renewable sources, as well as fast charging, intelligence and communication the highest state of the art reqirements.
  • e-manager - optimal battery-cell-management
  • The e-manager, a battery management system (BMS), follows a unique technical approach in which each individual cell of the cell pack is operated and controlled in its optimum range. This results not only in an enormous extension of lifespan, but also significantly increases capacity and safety, while reducing manufacturing costs.